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If you have come here, chances are you’re looking for some trusted advice, about some very tough topics that revolve around end of life issues for a family member, friend of even pet.

It’s difficult to have “the talk” with your parents or spouse; however, countless families have shared with me that if they had been made aware of the many options available

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ahead of time and given a choice, proactive and preventive measures would have been put into place.

The end-of-life decisions  each of us will face will never be worry-free, but through careful planning you can have the ability to control financial decisions which will minimize much of the anxiety and stress for those you leave behind. When you do this, it enables those you love to focus on what’s really important, rather than them wondering “if” they made the right choices.

Adult children tell me that when their parents have planned ahead, it was truly a blessing. Conversely, adult children whose parents did not take proactive measures repeatedly say, “that they will not put their children through what they had just experienced.”

It’s my goal to provide people with as much information and resources so that they can make informed end-of-life issues that revolve not only around people, but also their pets.  If you are a pet parent, it’s unfair to the pet to not make plans for their end of life care or to arrange for re-homing them when entering a care facility hospice.  Just because our life is ending, doesn’t mean our pet’s life has too. It’s my hope that you will plan ahead for your “entire”  There are many ways to plan for yourself and your pet!

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