Navigating the Eldercare Journey…Without Going Broke! – can help reduce the challenges and minimize frustration encountered when you are placed in this situation. This easy-to-understand guide takes you from the basics of understanding long te599650_135802849889738_2113379478_nrm care options that are available, how to seek out an elder care attorney and know if they are good fit for your needs, and how to qualify for Medicaid as a financial means to pay for care, including the benefits of funeral planning – in layman’s terms.  Author Jodi M. Clock provides fundamental information regarding the basics in a way that helps you understand not only why her recommendations are important, but how you can minimize financial exposure regarding end-of-life events.  Whether you are in a crisis situation or taking proactive measures, these valuable end-of life solutions could safeguard you and your parent’s assets. You have a choice – be proactive and preserve your money. Don’t leave it unprotected and unnecessarily taxed when you or your parents die.  No matter how prepared you think you are, the reality of death is sobering, and expensive. When time is on your side you can make well-thought out proactive decisions, enabling you to focus on what’s most important in life.

We’ve all enjoyed a good laugh at the perils of getting olderDepressing Quotes 0001-0003 (Funny Quotes) (9).  But entering your Golden Years without any money is no joke.  End-of life planning is a difficult subject to talk about – between facing mortality (either your parents or your own) to discussing the ever-confusing subjects revolving around long term care options or understanding the differences between Medicare and Medicaid, or a living will vs. a living trust, there’s nothing fun about facing death and the issues that come with it.

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